July 2016. Please note, the guesthouse is under new management as of late June 2016. We are to update the website to reflect the modest changes we are making and currently the website details cannot be relied on.


Broadwater Guest House      Going Greener—our second year......                                              
We applied to be a member of the GTBS (Green Tourism Business Scheme)
An inspector comes and advises on best practice and makes sure we keep to the rules.
We had our first inspection 13th October 2010 and were rewarded with a Silver award   for the green measures we put in place.
 For more information about the GTBS please visit www.green-buisness.co.uk
The response from our guests about our green commitment has been very positive and we appreciate the input we have received.   
We had to work through quite a long list of criteria for the initial grading and the inspection we had highlighted areas that we could improve upon.
As our energy bills were very high it was important to look at ways of reducing heat loss and wasted energy. We put in roof insulation to a depth of 300 mm + and replaced windows with double glazing. 
The purchase of an energy monitor that indicates when lights and heaters etc. have been left on when not required enables us to ‘switch off’. We fitted low energy light bulbs throughout the guest house. 
We are very pleased that these measures have helped us to reduce our electric kWh by 5763 units which represents a 14.26% reduction on our first year.
With a new A rated 91.2% efficient boiler installed in October 2011 along with partial central heating that includes the entrance hall and dining room we anticipate further savings next year due to less
electric heaters being used.
A new initiative for 2012  - The Waterpebble - we hope you have fun using it!
Waterpebble for hotels will save energy, water usage and water wastage.
This clever device has a pre-set timer of 3 minutes 50 seconds and operates via a traffic light system.
It is, of course, entirely up to you to decide whether to participate or not.
A little known fact is that a 5 minute shower will use over 120 litres of water.
In 2011we were introduced to The BeeKind collection paper bottle range of toiletries by one of our guests. We particularly like the fact that we are helping to support honey bee and sustainable
pollination research by purchasing the range for your use, as well as a 92% reduction in waste space compared to rigid plastic bottles. We would like to thank Helen for bringing it to our attention.
Finding products that will help to reduce packaging, be kind to the environment or have been made from 100% recycled material has not been that difficult.
If you would like to do more at home and would like to know how just ask us.
The residents lounge on the first floor has a lot of leaflets and information about our local area.
There is also a large map with local bus routes on the wall and we have bus and train time tables
available. Information on cycle hire and reference books relating to bird watching and other activities are also at your disposal. It is easy to have a ‘car free’ day in and around Morecambe
The bird feeding station that is tended all year round, is placed within view of the dining room
and has given our guests a lot of pleasure, it has encouraged a lot of birds to it that are nesting close by. We have placed a nesting box, ladybird refuge and a pollinating bee log in our back yard, we are watching and waiting for residents to move in with anticipation!
Our Green Folder is a work in progress, if there is any thing you can think of that can help us do more then please let us know either directly or via our customer feed back form.