As part of the Green Tourism Business Scheme, we are taking firm
steps to being an environmentally sustainable guest house.
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Wherever we go and whatever we do we have an impact ……
We are committed to sustainable tourism.
Broadwater Guest House
Green Policy             
February 2012
· We commit to comply with the relevant environmental legislation and approved code of practice.
· We are committed to continuously look at ways to improve upon the measures we are
          currently doing and to look for new measures to implement. 
· We will monitor our progress throughout the year and review our findings on an annual basis with a view to reduce our energy and water consumption and minimise our waste.
· We are continuously seeking to improve our environmental and social performance.
· We will raise awareness and encourage participation in sustainable business practices
· We assist customers to use products and services in an environmentally, sensitive way
· We liaise with the local community
· We have minimised our risks associated with social and environmental issues
· We have joined the Green Tourism Business Scheme as an indicator of our sustainable practices
We invite our guests to:
· Switch off lights and heaters when not required.
· Use water with care.
· Support our towel and ‘bag it and bin it’ policy's.
· Recycle plastic, paper, card, glass, cans and spent batteries into the recycling unit
         on the landing so that we can dispose of them in a responsible way
· Support local businesses
· Respect nature and our natural surroundings
· Walk/use public transport or hire a bike instead of using your car
· Adopt our visitor charter
Responsible person
Jean Blore